Pocket-DVD Studio

Pocket-DVD Studio 4.0

Convert DVDs into a Pocket PC friendly format

Watch DVD movies on mobile devices (Pocket PC, Smartphone, Portable Media Center, Palm). Have fun when you are on the go. It's so convenient to put your favorite movies, TV show in your pocket and watch them anywhere, anytime.

This software provides you a easy to use interface to record video files(wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm, rmvb, Tivo2go, etc) and DVDs into portable format(wmv, avi) playable on your device. Any DVD movie less than 3 hours long can be compressed into a 128MB/256MB or larger memory card. Now you've found another good reason to justify the purchase of your favorite handheld device.

Better quality with blazing fast speed

Incorporates the world's fastest recording technique and provides better video quality

Pocket DVD Studio's 1-pass recording provides better quality and runs at 3X speed of other products

Pocket DVD Studio's 2-pass recording provides far better quality and runs at 1.5X speed of other products

Best DVD Compatibility

Works for all DVD titles including those titles on which other software will fail or have audio problems (e.g. audio cut-out every a few seconds is quite common when using other DVD ripper)

Advanced editing features, what you see is what you get

Support smooth aspect ratio control and cropping in both preview and recording mode

Remove movie black bars completely (works for all DVD and existing media files). Use range bar to set start and end points for recording (e.g. remove the cast at the end to reduce file size)

Easy to get started

Play DVD or other media files in "Pocket DVD Studio" software. Then click "Start Recording"

Options for experts

Allows you to change codec, various audio, video, DVD setting, increase brightness and audio volume, support both WMV and AVI(XviD/DivX) output, split video file to fit on several memory cards, etc. All these are easy to use and easy to test

A beginner can get started easily and become an expert soon with the help of an intuitive, friendly user interface.